About Us

About Us

 We’re Jiphameg fashions (Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega). Now you know where our name originated from.

This phrase was mathed together to what our name is ‘Jiphameg’. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the ending of our being and without him we are nothing. 

We’ve been on a mission to provide your heart’s desires for more than 30 years. From humble Fashion and designing shop to inspirational Fashion store, we’ve come a long way and we’re still making history every day. We’re so much more than just a Fashion store; we’re a whole universe full of your favourite, unique and original fashion items.

Want to know more about how the magical walk started? Please follow us as we unveil the journey so far.


Out of interest and passion for fashion, the founder formally trained as an accountant went to learn fashion and designing when she was in the university, training and schooling at the same time. And after graduating from the university,  she choose to follow her passion.


Jiphameg formally opened her shop in Lagos Gowon estate Ipaja to the public as a sewing outfit where she employed and trained tailors. She makes excellent outfit for customer both in English and native wears.


The founder relocated abroad where she established her fashion love, selling on Ebay and on many international platform. 


Jiphameg later extended her fashion love to her country selling on Jumai and konga.


Seeing many flaws in how Konga and Jumai treated their customers, Jiphameg opened a bigger shops and went on social media to sell and have one on one relationship with her customers


With so much demand and in other to cater for everyone this brilliant website was born.


We are a team of 3 specially dedicated ourselves for your satisfaction. We select your size according to our manufacturer sizing, we pride ourselves in our customer relationship, we will work with you until you are hooked for life. We are your best choice online Fashion store for your household and you can trust us all the way.

HAPPY SHOPPING!!!………………………